Our Clarifying Foaming Facial Cleanser with Tea Tree & Neem (formerly known as Sensitive Skin) gently removes excess oils & impurities without stripping the skin's protective oil barrier.

All cleansers are crafted with our Energy Balancing Formula:  Shungite 

Coconut Oil Soap*, Shungite Water, Sweet Almond Oil*, Aloe Vera Liquid, Rose Hydrosol*, Colloidal Silver, Jojoba Oil*, Rosehip Seed Oil*, Shea Nut Oil*, Argan Oil*, Pomegranate Seed Oil*, Neem Oil*, Witch Hazel Liquid, Essential Oils of Tea Tree*, Lavender* & Geranium*


Coconut Oil Soap A gently foaming cleansing agent that effectively removes impurities and allows us to avoid the use of harsh/toxic ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate. Rosehip Seed Oil High in essential fatty acids and Vitamin A makes this ingredient ideal for mature, environmentally damaged, prematurely aged & devitalized skin. Regenerates, softens & protects.
Neem Oil Loaded with nutrients, containing exceptionally high levels of fatty acids. Tea Tree Essential Oil
Potent and invigorating 
Argan Oil Contains Vitamin E, fatty acids a myriad of nourishing plant-based constituents. Pomegranate Seed Oil A rich and nutritious oil containing flavonoids. Geranium Essential Oil Soothes skin & promotes nourishment. Lavender Essential Oil Skin calming properties.

This is a great product for those with sensitive and oily skin.  All skin types may benefit.   


Small 2oz Large 6oz