Supportive for menopausal women and the symptoms that accompany this transformational life phase to encourage grace, balance & awareness. Use this blend to get relief from hot flashes, move energy, bring harmony into your natural flow of life, & support mental & emotional well-being.

This powerful blend of essential oils, stone elixirs & flower essences carries a delicately floral & herbaceous scent and is specially formulated to cool excess heat, calm the mind & bring balance throughout the body. Soothe away the stresses of the day and sink into a deeper state of relaxation.

Application: Shake well. Mist over the face & body. Use throughout the day as needed. 


Stone Elixir of Aquamarine, Moonstone & Apophyllite infused in Spring Water & Essential Oil Blend of: Lavender*, Clary Sage*, Peppermint*, Indian Basil*, Rose Geranium*, Night Blooming Jasmine* & FES Fuchsia Flower Essence* (Organic*)