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Now Available in Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum Formulas!

Strawberry CBD Gummies
Strawberry CBD GummiesStrawberry CBD GummiesStrawberry CBD GummiesStrawberry CBD GummiesStrawberry CBD Gummies

All Natural Organic Ingredients 

Great Tasting Natural Flavor

Full Spectrum & Broad Spectrum Options



Extra-strength strawberry flavored CBD gummies made with the highest quality organic, Colorado grown industrial hemp and all natural organic ingredients. 

25 mg of CBD per gummy (30 gummies per bottle) 


Available in Full Spectrum 

Now Available in Broad Spectrum (Less than 0.01% THC)!

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Ingredients: Sugar*, Purified Water, Tapioca Syrup*, Pectin (pectin, sucrose, citric acid, sodium citrate), Hemp Flower & Leaf Extract*, Natural Flavors*, Vegetable Juice* (Color), Citric Acid, Lemon Oil*, & Terpenes (*Organic)

This product is formulated for those who are looking for a concentrated dose of CBD in a delicious, naturally flavored gummy. Recommended for day or night.  

Full Spectrum Hemp contains trace amounts of THC, less than 0.3%. If you are subject to drug screening, be advised that this product may lead to testing positive for THC. 

Broad Spectrum Hemp contains less than 0.01% THC. 

Keep out of reach of children. Consult your healthcare provider if you are taking medication, pregnant, may become pregnant or nursing. 

These extra-strength gummies can affect everyone differently— start with half a gummy (1/2 serving) and wait 24 hours before increasing serving. 

Gummies are absorbed through the digestive system & effects may take longer to experience than oil tincture. 

Serving Size: 1 Gummy 

25 mg of CBD per Serving

30 Servings per Container (750 mg CBD per Container) 

Net Weight: 3.5 oz (98g)

Product derived from Colorado grown, certified organic hemp

C02 Extracted 

3rd Party Lab Tested for Potency & Purity

Available in Full Spectrum Formula: Made with whole plant hemp extract containing a full range of cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG etc...), terpenes, flavonoids, other beneficial compounds & less than 0.3% THC

Now Available in a Broad Spectrum Formula: Made with hemp extract containing a full range of cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG etc...), terpenes, flavonoids, other beneficial compounds & less than 0.01% THC.  

If you are subject to drug screening, be advised that this product may lead to testing positive for THC. 

Extra-Strength Strawberry CBD Edibles

25 mg of CBD per Gummy  750 mg CBD per Container 

Enjoy a delicious daily routine... Formulated for day or night, these gummies can help you find balance and feel better!

CBD Gummies vs. CBD Oil?

How to choose the right CBD edible for you...

CBD Gummies 

  • Sensitive to taste or texture? Try a great tasting gummy infused with all the same cannabinoids, flavonoids & terpenes as CBD oil. 

  • Looking to treat yourself to a relaxing experience? Gummies are a great way to unwind & are easy to share. 

  • Rate of absorption is usually lower than oil tincture absorption, & effects may take longer to feel, but also may be experienced longer. 

  • Contains sugar.

  • Getting your daily dose is simple & easy to manage, recommended for  those who may struggle to use a calibrated dropper for dosing. 

CBD Oil Tinctures

  • Potent & pure, high-quality CBD oil tinctures allow for concentrated & precise dosing without extra ingredients. 

  • Flexible dosage options allow you to respond to what your body needs. A great option for recovery or daily management.  

  • Oil tinctures provide the highest rate of absorption, & effects are usually felt more quickly. 

  • No sugar.
  • Dragonfly CBD tinctures are made with high-quality, organic olive & avocado oil—healthy fats that help increase absorption & activation. 

Compare all the Gummy Goodness

Different CBD gummy formulas tailored to your needs...

Extra-Strength Strawberry Gummies

The universal blend—your go-to gummy, good for everything, best used anytime and anywhere! 

25 mg of CBD per Gummy

Elderberry Night Gummies

The bedtime blend, recommended for evenings, with added CBN to help unwind, relax and support occasional sleep troubles.

20 mg of CBD + 5 mg CBN Gummy

Orange Focus Gummies

The mindful blend, recommended for daytime, with added CBG to help with clarity, focus & productivity. 

12.5 mg of CBD + 12.5 mg CBG Gummy

Why Dragonfly Botanicals?

25 mg CBD PeR Serving

These gummies are potent! Get a daily serving of all the essential cannabinoids from a single gummy. 

Natural Formula

Delicious natural flavors taste even better knowing that the ingredients are clean. 

Colorado Grown

Dragonfly Botanicals is proud to be a Colorado company! We source local, organically grown hemp for all our CBD products. 

C02 & Water Extraction

We use only the most natural & cleanest extraction processes. We never use harsh chemical solvents to extract hemp. 

Third Party Lab Tested

Every batch of our hemp extract is third-party lab-tested to ensure potency & purity. View Dragonfly Certificates of Analysis (COAs) here.