Taspen’s Happiness Aromatherapy is a beautiful blend of oils known to have an uplifting, cheerful & soothing aroma. This blend is wonderful for invigorating & enlivening the mind, body & spirit.

Apply, Taspen’s aromatherapy roll-ons, to your wrists, temples, and neck throughout the day to assist in experiencing the wonderful benefits of aromatherapy.

Sunflower Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Essential Oils of: Grapefruit*, Lemon*, Bergamot*, Frankincense*, Night Blooming Jasmine* & Ylang Ylang*


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~Jasmine has been known to awaken feelings that have long been forgotten and reopen a heart protecting itself from the stresses of life.

~Ylang Ylang lifts the mood while having a calming effect & supports connections through the heart.

~Bergamot is a powerful mood stabilizer.

~Frankincense induces feelings of mental peace, relaxation & contentment.

~Grapefruit is a powerful stimulant inducing feelings of hope, giving new directions to thoughts & enhancing creativity.

~Lemon promotes a positive mood by clearing self-doubt & limiting beliefs, improving cognitive ability, and helping with doubt, overwhelm, bad moods & lethargy.